Painless adhesive bandage remover

For the quick and easy removal of all adhesive bandages, tapes and sticky residues

no sting
No waiting,
works in seconds
Easy spray
for children
and adults

Developed and tested by dermatologists in Europe, Limisan™ is an easy-to-use spray for immediate and painless adhesive bandage removal.

Count on Limisan™ for the quick removal of:

Medical and surgical tapes
such as wound bandages and dressings, surgical bandages, and blister bandages or plasters

Medical patches
such as nicotine patches, birth control patches and pain patches

Sports tapes
such as athletic tape, runner's tape, physio tape and kinesio tape

Sticky residues
from all sorts of adhesive bandages and tapes

Different uses

When you need to painlessly remove an adhesive bandage, trust Limisan™. It's ideal in many situations:


The best tip for removing sticky bandages for the whole family? Use Limisan™. It's easy to use and pain-free for children and adults alike!
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Do you play sports? Need quick, easy removal of taping and sports tape? Reach for Limisan™!

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Rely on Limisan™ for its ease of use in a wide variety of medical situations.

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