After accidents, operations, burns, and medical treatment, there's no need for additional pain now that Limisan™ provides painless medical tape removal for your wound care regimen.

Limisan™ is dermatologically tested and designed for instantaneous non-traumatic removal of medical adhesives, including surgical tape, medical tape and plasters. Limisan™ provides a whole new level of care to help avoid further pain and damage to already sensitive skin.

Is it time to remove your patch? Transdermal patches—such as nicotine and smoking-cessation patches, birth control patches, hormone patches (estrogen and testosterone patches) and pain relief patches can be sticky and hard to remove. But with Limisan™, patch removal now takes just one quick spray—no sweat, no pain.

What's more, there's no waiting with Limisan™. You can instantly apply a new transdermal patch, medical tape or surgical tape, plaster or wound dressing!