There's no doubt that taping is popular in the sports world today. Limisan™ is practical for athletes and sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you play hockey, ski, skate, bike, take part in triathlons, or run in the park or in marathons, Limisan™ is your way to easily remove taping and athletic tape.

Ever had a nasty blister from practising your favourite sport? Limisan™ now makes it so much easier to remove blister plasters without any discomfort.

Does your physio, chiropractor, kinesio or healthcare professional use tape and practice taping? If so, you'll definitely appreciate how quickly and easily you can remove kinesio tape and sports tape with Limisan™. It's pain-free and there's no messy tangle!

In fact, Limisan™ is ideal to have on hand for a wide range of sports, leisure and outdoor activities. Just spray to remove sticky tape, bandages and adhesive residues.

Have a bottle of Limisan™ spray at home and in your sports bag. It's the ideal adhesive remover!