Limisan™ is an easy-to-use spray for the immediate and painless removal of all adhesive bandages, including patches and medical bandages, sports tapes and sticky residues. Suitable for children and adults, Limisan™ has a mild, no sting formula that dries quickly, permitting the re-application of bandages without delay.
Limisan™ contains a blend of ingredients that quickly forms a layer between the skin and the adhesive. This layer interrupts the adhesive bond, causing a total loss of adhesion and allowing the adhesive bandage to be gently lifted off. All of the ingredients in Limisan™ evaporate within seconds, leaving no residue and enabling a new adhesive bandage to be applied right away.
  1. Spray Limisan™ around the edges and on top of the adhesive bandage(s).
  2. Gently peel the bandage away from the skin—no waiting required. Spray additional Limisan™, as needed.
NOTE: Limisan™ will dry quickly and will not affect the adhesion of subsequent adhesive bandages.
  1. Spray Limisan™ onto a tissue.
  2. Wipe away the residue with the moistened tissue.
  1. Spray Limisan™ into a shallow dish or bottle cap.
  2. Dip a cotton swab in the product.
  3. Apply the cotton swab to the adhesive until it looks wet, then gently remove it from the skin.
NOTE: Take care to avoid getting Limisan™ into the eyes.
Yes. When used as directed, Limisan™ is safe for children and adults.
No, Limisan™ is made from a mild formulation that does not sting.
Yes. Limisan™ can be used to remove medical and therapeutic patches (such as nicotine and smoking cessation patches, hormone patches, pain relief patches and birth control patches) as well as all adhesive bandages, medical, surgical and athletic tapes of all sorts, and sticky residues.
Yes, Limisan™ has been dermatologically tested in Europe in accordance with international guidelines.
No, no waiting is required. Once you have sprayed Limisan™ on the adhesive bandage, peel the bandage away from the skin immediately.
Limisan™ dries quickly, which means that you do not need to wait before applying a new, clean bandage.
One container of Limisan™ contains 34 g of product, the equivalent of approximately 40 applications.
Limisan™ can be found in the first aid section of most drug stores across Quebec. Please consult the Where to buy section of this site for a complete list of retailers. You can also ask your pharmacist to order the product for you, or buy online now.
Limisan™ is manufactured in the Netherlands.