How to use

Limisan™ spray is easy to use and gentle on your skin.

To remove adhesive bandages

Spray Limisan™ around the edges and on top of the adhesive bandage(s).

No waiting required! Immediately peel away the adhesive bandage from the skin. Spray additional Limisan™, as needed.

Limisan™ spray is quick to dry. You can re-apply an adhesive bandage right away.

To remove sticky adhesive residues

Spray Limisan™ on a tissue.

Wipe the sticky residue with the moistened tissue to gently remove it.

To remove adhesive from around the eyes

Spray Limisan™ into a bottle cap or shallow dish.

Dip a cotton swab in the product.

Gently apply the cotton swab to the adhesive until it looks wet, then delicately remove it from the skin. Be careful to avoid contact with eyes.